(^ That’s how I always start everything I write. Imposing Capital Letters and All. I’m told proper planning prevents paupers pilfering peaches, or something).

So my plans for this blog go a little bit something like this:

I will write once a day, always beginning with (or perhaps ending with, or maybe even middling with) one thing that has made me smile (or at least smirk like a wonky-faced creep) that day. I am dead sure life will provide me with a smile for every day, but still-alive sure that I won’t always find the time to write very much. Either way, to write once a day about a smile is my aim. That way, I can infuse my in(s)ane ramblings – which probably nobody will ever read anyway – with the enduring theme of positivity. Something which will shock the socks off of people who know me, and be mostly unsurprising to those who know me For Real. I originally wanted to do this thing with photos, so I guess whenever, wherever (we’re meant to be together, I’ll be there and you’ll be near, and that’s the deal my dear) those can be obtained, I will post those instead of/as well as words and mix things up a little. Wink wink.

Why am I doing this?

Mostly because I like writing and why shouldn’t I do what I like doing. (No, that was not a question. Feel free to answer it). And Things That Make Me Smile could encompass just about anything. Okay so I’d have to be some kind of sick and twisted freak to be smiling about certain things, but I’d relish the creativity that would be required in pretending/finding ways to be doing so.


Today’s thing that made me smile was when I was in the library and as I walked past a vending machine, some girl was declaring that she ‘hated her life, like, so much’ – because her packet of chocolate buttons/mini cheddars/whatever, it’s-not-important-really –  had got stuck. Teehee.

~ xx ~


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