Monday’s Smile

Because it would be a pretty  very poor effort from me if I didn’t even manage to write for two consecutive days, on the very first two days of this thing (and there isn’t much left of today) I now have to think of something that has made me smile in the past 8 or so hours. (Still struggling with waking up early. Angry face).

I mean, thinking of times I’ve smiled, laughed out loud, giggled like a schoolgirl – that’s easy. I have smiled a lot today. But I said things that made me smile, not people. And I meant specifically little things. Preferably cute/ironic/unexpected/heartwarming/downright silly little things. So I’m afraid all I have for now is this kinda lame one:

I dared myself to do it, and I did it.

I walked across campus eating a creme egg.

That shouldn’t need any further elaboration as to why it spread a demonic smirk across my otherwise less-than-lively features, but for all the mentally challenged sugar gliders out there (<–*want want want*) it should be noted that I am ridiculous about people seeing me eat (I don’t like it, it stresses me out) and creme eggs are about as hilariously undignified eating as any food could ever possibly be.  And I definitely played right up to that latter fact.

Do one thing a day that scares you.

Wear sunscreen.

…How do you eat yours?




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