Tuesday’s Smile

DISCLAIMER: I am not proud of the majority of the content of this post. I apologise in advance.

So I spent the day feeling like I was on the edge of collapse, and then I drank. Hence the lateness of this.

Still, I wasn’t the one who ended up in hospital. Must find out what the heck happened to certain friends round about the time I sent the text saying ‘obvs get out of my life’ to a certain person who I also at some point called a douchebag and used the classic middle finger hand gesture at from across the club… Or possibly as I ascended the stairs he was standing at the bottom of. We’ll go with that second option, because it’s ever so slightly cooler.

[R: Let’s go somewhere a little quieter xx  S: F*ck you. R: And you too, when you give me the chance. ;) x S: Ha. Never gonna happen, douchebag. ;) xx]

Yeah re-reading that made me smile. Go drunk me. :’)

But technically that was today, and there was something that made me smile more than that on Tuesday, and so I’m writing about that now  in anticipation of not wanting to write at all later on today. The smile that stuck in my mind all day was this:

Three (four? four)  little words.

Steph. I, Miss, You.

For whom those words came from – well, there shall be no reply.  It’s very easy to ignore a message on Facebook, and easier to say I do not reciprocate the sentiment expressed within them.


*Tyler Durden style manic laughter*



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