Friday’s Smile(s)

(Please Note: I am aware of how terribly written this post is in terms of grammar. I can’t think of a way to fix that whilst still sounding like myself. I apologise. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m sorry).

Took the dog for a walk this morning. Stopped off at the shop to get milk on the way home, and was confronted with the following headline:


Speaks for itself really. I’d say something like ‘only in Scunthorpe’, but I suspect that would be incorrect. There are probably a vast number of  – I fought off thugs with (insert relatively non-threatening implement here) – stories about. Still, I smirked like a wonky-faced creep at this one.

Another (probably better) thing that made me smile today was the following:

The smile came from not so much the thing itself  (I mean yeah it’s adorable and creative and… *^-^ faces* – and yes, I am always this articulate) but more from the fact that Dad came in from work, having just remembered he’d heard it on the radio the other night, desperately wanting to share it with me (‘Walk Off the Earth – Put it on Youtube, put it on Youtube’). Then he got all proud when it lit me up, and, well – ^-^

I feel grown up today. (Believe it or not).

Grown up, and yet optimistic and positive at the same time. This is new.

Seconds left of it being Friday, gotta hit the publish button quick –



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