Saturday’s Smile

Ain’t happening.

It’s been a soul-destroying day. Not really sure why.

You know those stuffy, headache-y days where you just feel generally deflated for no good reason? That’s today.

I had my hair cut basically for the sake of it, because the hairdresser came over to cut everyone else’s hair and I thought f*ck it, I’ll finally be brave and get mine cut properly short like I’ve been thinking about doing for ages.

I feel ugly. My mother says I look like Kate Winslet.  :|

I had a lot of uni work to do today too, and didn’t get much of that done at all. I’m meant to be going back to York in the morning, and the weather’s doing its best to either prevent that from happening, or make it absolutely terrifying…

I feel sick, I feel tired. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Ok, I’ll stop whining now.

Here is a picture of a tortoise eating a strawberry, which must have made me smile at some point:

I promise to be more alive tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Saturday’s Smile

  • Taylor~

    Nice Anastasia reference there. Is it also your mission to include a lyric in every post?

    The tortoise made me actually laugh out loud. Friggin’ funny looking animals and their ways *shakes fist* I had a feeling-shit-saturday this week too – perhaps there was something in the air! Hopefully the snow cheered you uppy :)

    • stephyness

      I don’t know where from or why, but when I found myself struggling to think of anything that had made me smile, and went through my ‘random’ pictures file in the hope of rediscovering something that I’d appreciated long ago, there it was. ^-^

      I don’t think I have put lyrics in every post, actually. But that’s an awesome idea, maybe I should make it another of my aims.
      Feeling much more cheery now, thankyou. :) x

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