Sunday’s Smile…

…Concludes one whole week of daily lopsided smirks. Yay. (I didn’t think I’d manage that. I don’t think I will again, but I’ll keep trying).

So, today. After a (not really very) treacherous drive in the snow, I got back to my York place of residence to find this:



I can safely say the immaturity of my housemates/their boyfriends amused me a tiny bit more than it ought to have. I mean, it was always going to be either ‘so-and-so smells’ or a penis, really, wasn’t it? It’s the rules. :’)

Other than the above, it’s been a pretty ordinary day and I find myself without much else to discuss here.

This is why, now that I’ve done daily posts for a whole week, I won’t feel so bad about missing a day here and there. Quality over quantity, and all that.




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