Monday’s Smile (Vol. II)

…Yeah, I’m gonna have to get a little more creative with the titles from now on. Yay.

Nobody will understand this, but I’m smiling today because I have made up my mind. It’s not the right kind of smile to be discussed here though, because there’s a dark side to it. One that might  will hurt. Oh life. (…is bigger – bigger than you, and you are not me…)

So instead, I’ll tell you about something that made me smile a few weeks ago.

Picture the scene: I’m in the library, surrounded by a mound of books I have yet to read in order to somehow come up with 4,000 words of an essay. I have two days remaining until the deadline. (I am an idiot. One day I will learn to do things in good time. Maybe).  So there I am, hiding  in a secluded corner late at night with a solid 10 or 11 hours of geek-time behind me, curled up in/twisted around my chair in ways which must have been comfortable at some point but evidently are no longer. I’m beginning to lose my mind (and heart and soul) slightly. I select the most ominous-looking book from the pile, and open it on a random page.

This flutters gently into my lap:

The essay I was writing still ended up being The Actual Worst Essay I Have Ever Ever Written In My Whole Entire Life No Doubt In My Mind About That (which shall forever be its official title),

but I felt a little better after I’d read the note and taken a few deep breaths. (Better albeit slightly annoyed by the typo, of course).

So there you go. An old smile, in the sorry absence of a more recent one. (Sorry).

Also, massive thanks to everyone who has read, followed, liked and commented me in my first week of blogging. I really thought nobody would read a single thing I wrote. Pleasantly surprised, here. :)



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