And I have no concept of time other than it is flyin’…


How do I turn the fact that by coming to the University of York to study English and Related Literature  Sociology, I have wasted three years of my life during which I could have been earning modest amounts of money and gaining life experience instead of racking up a hellofa debt and gaining nothing but mental health problems and the reassurance that I can still write damn good essays, *pause for breath* …into a positive thing?

Here is a comical picture of myself and a goat that wanted to be my friend thought my boot might taste nice:

I’m sorry that I went AWOL for two whole days, after I told y’all I’d write every day. Although I suppose I did warn you that such a thing was highly likely to happen.

Wednesday was hectic and Thursday was… tired. Friday has so far been sorely lacking in opportunities for anecdotes involving freaky-weirdo-smirks, and having just told the bitter truth in all its glory to the ‘Student Survey 2012’, I am passive-aggressively seething at the thought of my recent past and the way that this is about to impact on my near future. The sentiment simply had to be shared.

Just be glad I cut down and censored the original rant considerably almost entirely.



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