Apparently lots of people love each other (sooo much babyyy <333 xxxx) today


Valentine’s day.

So far, it’s never been a highlight in my life. The one year I spent it not-single, was the worst ever. Every other year since I’ve been old enough to notice, it’s been… meh.

This year, I went on a lunch/cocktails/shopping date with my lovely housemate Sarah.  :D

Personal highlight for me was shoving my driving license under the nose of the barman who refused to serve me alcohol recently, (the damn thing was in the post, as I lost the original during New Year shenanigans and was slow and stupid about sorting it all out) along with a triumphant ‘Jeez, (*eye roll*) I’m 20 for god’s sake. Do I look 17, really???’   ;)

I may be doing some more valentine’s-y things tomorrow, but let’s not go into that here. *Apprehensive face*

Sarah’s boyfriend (yeah, unfortunately she isn’t my lesbian lover) sent her a lovely bunch of roses and a teddy, and is coming to see her on Friday.

So far, so smiley.

I also managed to buy myself a (bargain of a) new dress – Small, black, ‘edgy’… so far, so typical me. One of these days I will branch out into colourful going out clothes, I swear.

(I also bought socks and tights, ’cause I’m rock ‘n’ roll like that).

For today’s smile, though, I had plans. I really did. Grand plans.

I bought dark blue and yellow and white nail polishes (already had black) and planned to paint a cityscape across my nails. Then I would post a picture on here, and be like ‘yay, I finally did this’, and be endlessly amused for the next few days until they chipped/I got claustrophobic and decided to remove it all so my hands could breathe.

(Don’t ask. [Mmmm, mm-mmm, I guess I take after my motherrr…] )

Unfortunately, the black had gone gooey and so things just didn’t work out. Nor did wasp/bee nails. (*Sad Face*).

So now I’m stuck, because I don’t know what photo to give you for smiles. Erm erm erm…

OOH. I dare you to watch this:

Believe it or not, that was part of the content of a group’s presentation in my lecture yesterday. Gotta love my course. That particular gem made me giggle a fair bit – if not whilst I watched it, (because cringe cringe cringe) definitely afterwards when I told someone else about it.

I feel boring if I don’t include a picture, so here is an old picture of Mummy Ethel (the legendary chicken who fought a dog once) complete with babies chillin’ on her back:

Much love, because it’s a right ol’ day for it, or something.



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5 responses to “Apparently lots of people love each other (sooo much babyyy <333 xxxx) today

  • hurtorheal

    Today’s smile is contagious! I love this – shame about your nails though. I can never get polish to stay on long enough to get them all painted. It takes about 3 hours of repainting over chips etc to get all 10 to be covered. It’s never worth it! Good luck for tomorrow – let us know how it goes xxx

    • stephyness

      Thanks ^-^
      I swear I am a failure of a female human being… I suck at painting my nails, applying fake eyelashes (tried that only once – ended up in a rage, flushing the things down the loo) and doing anything remotely decorative with my hair. *sigh*
      I shall indeed let you know how it goes tomorrow ;) xxx

      • hurtorheal

        haha, I share your pain with false eyelashes. I just dont understand how they’re meant to stick. I can only ever get them to go sort of sideways hanging off my actual eyelashes!! Think they’re for people with nothing fun to do xxx

  • Taylor~

    I love love love doing people’s nails so I will think up a suitable Steph-like theme to do and possibly paint yours one day! Some how… some way… some where… o_O

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