Sunday Mornafternoon

It feels like morning to me, I only just woke up. It is, however, 1.47 PM as I begin writing this. Call me lazy if you like, but A) I was out last night, and B) I had work at 8am on Friday and Saturday and absolutely suck at getting to sleep any earlier than normal – normal being like, 1am on an average night – to compensate for the early mornings. I also seem to require more sleep than I used to these days, in order to function properly. I had some catching up to do.

So I haven’t done an awful lot yet, on this here Sunday. But I do already have a smile to share with you.

As a method of waking up I was listening to music on Spotify, which was set to shuffle. I recently transferred lots of music from my old computer back home to my laptop here, and so my music library expanded considerably. Cue the re-emergence in my life of some old forgotten gems.

One such gem was this:

That particular song was grin-worthy for a number of reasons, (some of which I will probably forget whilst telling you about others, because I’m stoopid like that, but) not least the fact -Yes, Fact, bitchez- that it is an awesome song.

See, when I was little (and when I was a bit bigger, and then a bit bigger than that, and right up until I was only a little smaller than I am now) that song was one of the best ones from all the crap – term used loosely – that my parents used to put on regularly. We had a pretty decent Hi-Fi system in the front room, and some of the best days of my life at home were the weekend days – usually lazy Sunday aftermornings like this one –  where I would be woken up by whatever CD, or vinyl back in the early days, Ma or Da had decided to have breakfast to that day. Led Zep’s Physical Graffiti, and this song in particular, was a favourite of mine. If I hadn’t been so shy I would have danced my way into my little-girl clothes, to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then down the hallway (our house was a bungalow until dad rebuilt it into a big house a few years ago) to the kitchen. But but but someone might have laughed at me. So I did not do so. Rest assured that nowadays when I hear this song, I usually do dance. Just a little. Secretly, in front of no-one. I still think it’s a great song to wake up with. My Dad was/is, besides the Led Zep,an AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses, Cult, Rolling Stones, Who type of guy. My Mum was/is a David Bowie, Beatles, Blondie, Cure, Talking Heads, ELO type girl. Their preferences met in the middle somewhere around Pink Floyd. I owe them an awful lot in terms of music taste, but shhhh don’t tell them that. *wink wink*

Another reason why that song brings a smile to my face is that it is the perfect illustrator of that classic scenario I call ‘I-Never-Had-The-Faintest-Clue-That-It-Was-All-About-Sex,Back-Then’. I don’t know when it dawned on me, but the grin has been wider since it did.

So there you go. Incidentally, it’s my Mum’s birthday tomorrow and my Dad’s on Saturday. So I’mma goin’ home soon, which is another nice thought.

(It’s at this point I worry a little, as there’s a small chance Ma might have figured out how to read this blog. Hi Mum?).

Oooh Look, A Squirrel! –

Hope y’all enjoy your Sunday.



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