I’ve been neglecting this thing rather sorrowfully, lately.

If anyone reading now happens to be at all bothered by this fact, then I apologise. I am sorry. I have been busy and braindead and uninspired. All my smiles have been without stories. Or at least, without stories that I want to tell y’all.

So now I really feel like I ought to write something, and something good, pretty soon/now.


This makes me smile:


As does the fact that I just remembered… I’m jumping out of a plane on Sunday :D

(for charity. charitygiving.co.uk/stephaniecrowe if you’re feeling charitable).

I seem to have failed to write anything much, once again.


Here is an adorable mouse enjoying some flowers:

I will absolutely 100% say some actual stuff tomorrow. Until then, read my UT article and pretend I wrote that here?



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