Guess it’s just, a silly song…


Everything, was everything, but baby it’s the last show.

Everything, could be everything, But it’s time to say goodbye so,

Get your last fix, and your last hit, Grab your old girl with her new tricks,

Honey yeah, it’s no surprise, that I got lost,

In your brown eyes.

(Lady GaGa, Brown Eyes)


[I would like to know why it is that there is always someone basically worse, who wins simply because they got there first].


I would love to be writing here about how I jumped out of a plane yesterday and it was AWESOME. Unfortunately it rained all day so we couldn’t skydive. Everyone pray for blue skies on March 18th for me please. ;)

As for smiles…

1) Yesterday my sister Kelly and I were attempting a 3,000 piece puzzle of a forest scene featuring European wildlife. On the back of the box were listed, in every language imaginable, the featured animals and birds. Let’s just say that Kelly can be hilariously daft at times, and a song thrush will forever more be known to me as a ‘Singdrossel’.

2)  Here is my favourite of the old family photos that I had a sift through while home:

(My Dad and my two brothers in… 1996?)



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