And being able to breathe became a luxury…*

*Advance apologies for language. It’s one of those Don’t Mess days. Title track ->


By way of an explanation for my recent failure to keep up anything close to one post per day:

-Third Year Student. Sociology student, yes, but one who would dearly love to kick this bullshit degree’s Sorry Little (at times really fucking interesting actually) Ass.

-2 x 4,000 word essays to be completed in the next few weeks. (Self-set deadline, in order to make it possible to meet the dissertation deadline).

-Dissertation of 10, 000 words to be completed by mid May. The fact that I don’t even know the exact date at this point is, well, Just So Typically Me.

(Ew. I apologise for that one and I promise I won’t do it ever again. No more Britney).

-Graduate job type things continuously being applied for. With an overwhelming lack of success.

(Bring on the unemployment, bitchez).

-Writing one thing per week for the Useful Times. 

(Admittedly, that doesn’t take up too much of my time, but y’know. Worth a mention).

-Keeping up something that still manages to vaguely resemble a social life, here and there. Lots of family members and close friends’   birthdays recently. Can’t just ignore those.

(I easily could, but I do actually quite like my friends and family).

-Going backwards and forwards between here and home in aid of the aforementioned family birthdays and the skydive which has yet to happen.

(Damn weather has been fine every day except for the one day we were meant to jump. Typical).

-The (Sort-of) Weekend (and Monday night) Job. Of which I only have 4 weeks left. While the thought of no longer having an income until Lord knows when does scare me a fair bit, (and I will might miss the deli counter ever so slightly) I cannot wait to finally be a FULL TIME Student, even if it only gets to last 9 weeks. Oh, and to sack off the stupidly early mornings for a little while. That’ll be sweet.

Did I miss anything?

-Oh, I had a migraine for 2 days. I forgot how much those hurt. My eyes still aren’t quite working properly.

Also, I’d like to add at this point that for a student I spend a disproportionate amount of time keeping my life-space clean and tidy because I’m OCD like that. I CANNOT WORK AMONGST MESS.

Anyway. Smiles.

I spent the whole morning singing, because my voice seems to be working today. I don’t give half a fuck who hears me and takes the piss. I like to sing.  If I can’t do that here without someone hearing and laughing at me, well then let ’em laugh. Laugh all you like, because it’s good for you and there are people who love me and they are the only ones whose approval I need.

Best song to come up on shuffle this morn? Has to be this:

Ah, the memories.  : )



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