Madonna Vs. The Pope

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by theyearofwonderfulweekends.

: )

Not quite sure what the criteria were, but I feel like I ought to be  giving a crocheting tutorial followed by a lecture on Guatemala’s economy now to prove I’m worthy of the title…

It makes me happy to know that there are people out there who read my ramblings and find something in there to like. Much love to all who do.

*free hugs*


The rules of accepting the nomination:

Thank the person who nominated me.  
Include a link to his/her blog.  
Nominate fifteen blogs I enjoy and follow.
Inform said bloggers about their nominations.
Lastly, share seven things about myself

I’ll do the seven things first and then the nominations, ’cause I believe rules are made to be ever so slightly messed with.

1. (not sure if this counts as a thing ‘about me’, but I’m using it as one because I’ll probably struggle thinking of seven anyway)

I am currently in the stacks and stacks of reading stages of a 4,000 word essay. This is my joint favourite part of writing an essay, sharing first place with the actually writing it part.

(I’m not even sure whether that was sarcasm or not).

MASSIVE SIDE NOTE to include a smile, as per the point of this blog:

Whilst reading, I came across a little snippet that made me grin. The essay is about the relationship between humans and other animals, and the particular issue being focused on in the book I was reading was the way in which, in Western society, we’re fine with eating pigs and cows and chickens that are basically raised in boxes and forced to live short, miserable and unnatural lives, whilst we pamper and spoil our house pets and would be shocked and appalled if anyone suggested cooking up Fido/Cap’n Whiskers (definitely want a cat with that name, now) in a casserole. Pearls of wisdom from James Serpell (1996; 18-19):

“Dogs and cats are, arguably, more aesthetically pleasing than pigs. So what? The singer, Madonna,  is more pleasing to look at than the Pope but this hardly entitles her to a position of moral superiority.”

It’s not as funny the second time round. Maybe it was the fact that I was in the SILENT STUDY ROOM that inspired the urge to laugh out loud. Or at least chortle audibly to myself. (Chortle. Excellent word).

Hi, I’m Steph and I laugh too much. What you gonna do about it, though.*

2. I don’t like scarves.

3. I don’t like answering the phone if I don’t know who’s calling.

4. I know the difference between a blue tit, (teehee, she said tit) a great tit (teehee, even better) a coal tit, (oh, grow up) a bullfinch, a chaffinch, a greenfinch, a yellowhammer, a house sparrow, a hedge sparrow and pretty much any other English garden bird you could shake a stick at. But don’t go shaking sticks at garden birds; that would be silly. I don’t care if it makes me horrifically nerdy, I think birds are fascinating. Don’t tell my housemates.

5. My first ever crush was on the guy who played Joseph in the production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat that I went to see when I was 8. He was dreamy. Nowadays, he definitely wouldn’t be my type.  :’)

6. I have a tattoo, (left shoulder blade – flowers/leaves, designed it myself) and no you may not see it because predictably I kinda wish I didn’t have it. (My skin did not make friends with the ink. Sad Face).

7. I desperately want a lip piercing and the only reason I got the tattoo was to get rid of that desire. The desire did not go away, but my part-time jobs have always involved handling food so it just wouldn’t ever have been practical. Also, I want to get a professional graduate level job some day (ha ha ha, yeah right) and people are shallow judgemental b*****ds and wouldn’t employ me if they knew I was the (scummy) type that liked to have holes made in my face for no justifiable reason. Personally, if facial piercings aren’t excessive I don’t see why they’re any worse than wearing  hair accessories or any other jewellery. Or fake eyelashes or fake nails, because those are vile. But whatever. I didn’t make the rules of sociality, did I?

I nominate:




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That’s basically everyone I follow who posts regularly. Oops. I ought to follow more people.

Happy Wednesday.   : )


*That was not a question. I are Grammar Nazi what knows wot I’z doin wiv punctuatin ma sentences ‘n dat. Like.

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