Today’s Smile

Is very slightly wobbly

but Freaking HUGE.

Today, I fell 15,000 feet. The first 9,000 of those were done in 60 seconds, at 120 miles per hour.

And that feels like nothing else on earth and nothing you could possibly ever imagine or prepare for… In THE BEST possible way.

Just…. Wow.

I wanna do it again. Multiple times.

*manic grin*

Two things I learned from the experience:

A) Backflips whilst descending at 120mph are on hindsight perhaps not such a smart idea for a first jump, considering it took me well over an hour for my breathing to return to normal… but F***ing Hell Yes. ;)

B) The level of respect you come away with for your tandem instructor. Just, SO Much respect. You put your life in their hands and they sure do look after you. Didn’t even feel scared until I was standing on the edge about to jump. (Mike, I think I love you).


(Shortly after he let me steer the parachute):

Mike: How you feeling?


Mike: Best ride of your life?

Me: Definitely.

Mike: That’s my claim to fame… Anyway, you like rollercoasters?

Me: Haha, Yeah…

Mike: Let’s go through that cloud over there…

[He even gave me a little kiss on the cheek before I went home. <3]


Actually, three things.

C) That amount of adrenaline in that short space of time makes you TIRED when you finally come down. Have a giggle at me looking silly while I go and sleep, yeah?


My best awkward smile for the 'before' shot...

aaaand almost done

P.S. If you fancy being a beautiful person and helping some very good causes in relation to the above described madness, you may do so Here. I will be eternally grateful should you choose to do so; no donation too small, every little helps.  : )

Much love.


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