Life Plan Q


Becoming skydiving instructor. Never have to work hard.

Earn just enough to get by on, for loving life. Otherwise live simple life.

Die happy/Die trying. Die fast.

To fund training, win lottery/marry rich man. (Forget marrying for love, as does not exist).


Can you tell I ought to be doing more useful things? (Writing an essay).

I am in the library. It is sunny outside. I do not feel happy.

*save as draft, continue with essay*


Kill me. Kill me dead. Please.


I give up.

Have a smile:

I left the library at 9pm because apparently that’s what time it closes in the holidays, (angry face) and when I got home two ducks were sitting on the grass outside our house. A man duck and a lady duck. It never fails to make me happy that they always hang out in pairs. Maybe love does exist in duck world. Then again, maybe one duck has been shagging some other duck behind husband/wife duck’s back, or perhaps one duck will abandon the other a couple of weeks from now, for apparently no reason. (Hung-up ex-duck suddenly became appealing again, or something? Who knows.)

No. Let’s not ruin the smile. Let’s pretend Mr. and Mrs. Ducky are forever.

(This photo is not mine; my phone camera couldn’t handle the dark. It was not daytime, the ducks were not beside water and they were a lot closer together and more snuggled, but you get the idea).



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