Ed Sheeran Is My Soulmate

Because my Mum said so.

She said he reminds her of me.

And there’s a cat in one of his videos.

True Story.

In other news, I have eaten far too many M&Ms today. I have not written a sufficient number of words of essay, and am consequently feeling like a bit of a failure. I have appeared retarded in the library due to my Ribena carton not having a straw. (I hope you enjoy the image that brings to mind as much as I enjoyed the Ribena). I have pondered the meaning of life, the universe and everything a fair amount. And I have just received some quality advice from a mug:

Referring to ‘Lock your door… every time’, mostly. I mean… Duh.

I like to live life on the edge. I think I will continue to only lock my door sometimes. You gonna stop me, mug?

I repeat; it’s been a less than satisfying day.



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