Can go die, for all I care.

I am angry because I just read through a whole conversation/raging verbal battle between a vast number of 15 and 16 year-olds, mostly girls, the basic gist of which was that one of them (who I know because she lived down the road from me until just recently and went to my school and all the rest) had posted a status about how disappointed she felt about her life right now, and what looks like half the people she knows had flocked to have a go at her for it. A total of one – one –  friend had been supportive of her. While I understand that Facebook is probably not the best place to be negative, I also think that it’s one of the worst places to be shallow and bitchy. She’s 15, life is tough at that age even if you have what looks like the luckiest life ever to the rest of the world (and she doesn’t, either. I won’t go into the details, but knowing what I do about her background I’d be forgiving of a couple of sad faces in a status now and then). She has her reasons for not being just like everyone else; give her a break.

Besides teen drama, the other thing I hate about facey is how most of the time nobody even gives a shit about what anyone else puts on there. I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but I swear I could write a status saying my house burned down and everyone except me died, and nobody would bat an eyelid.

Really annoying when I feel strongly about something, and want to share it with others and get a RESPONSE. Maybe that’s one of the lesser reasons I started this blog. I have found the majority of wordpressers to be much more ‘my kind of people’ than 99.9% of my facebook friends. And these are complete strangers. Maybe I just don’t have very much in common with most of the people I’ve been at school, work and uni with for the past 5 years. (Like I didn’t already know that).

Sometimes, and I am aware of this like you wouldn’t believe, I am the annoying girl with the sad face statuses.

So what is the point in Facebook, for the majority of its users? It seems that few people actually use it to interact with other people, and when they do they only interact with the few people they see in real life most anyway. Other than that, they just use it to see what other people they sort-of-know are doing, and silently pass judgement. And consequently feel either better or worse about themselves as a result, presumably.

Makes me want to be really weird and crazy via statuses and photos and a post every couple of hours, for the simple satisfaction that comes from knowing that people are judging me, terribly. (I do this a fair bit already, I think. Nobody ever likes anything I put on there, or responds. I take this as evidence of the negative judging/not-giving-a-damn taking place).

Perhaps I’m taking it all too seriously. Perhaps facebook was never intended to be used by people who actually think. Perhaps I should fit in with the crowd and start being interested in Kim Kardashian and teacup pomeranians. And develop the perfect ‘I’m a little teapot’ pose and pout combo, and only allow the photos where I’m in that position (and my hair looks good) to be tagged and published, so the world thinks I never look stupid in life. (The world does not think that, by the way. Some of us have seen you with no makeup and ugly hair. Silly girl).

On a side note; I cannot guarantee that if someone presented me with a teacup pomeranian as a gift, I wouldn’t have a go at finding out just how far I could throw the stupid thing.

(Joke, joke. It’s not Mr. Schnugglekins’ fault his existence is ridiculous – people made him that way, after all).

The really sad thing is, I have tried to delete myself from Facebook numerous times. Every time, I come crawling back. Why?

I think at the moment it’s mainly so I can continue to steal the photos of myself and my uni friends that other people put on there. I think once uni’s over and I’ve decided which select few people I’m actually gonna keep in touch with, and acquired various other possible methods of getting in touch with them, I will save all the photos of the crew having reet good times and all that, and then actually delete myself for good. Or will I? ;)

It’s just… the whole concept is just absurd. And I can’t help but think we’re all worse off by its existence. I know I am.

Here is a picture of the aforementioned Mr. and Mrs. Ducky from Life Plan Q, who (what did I tell ya???) seem to have had a ‘disagreement’:

You’re young, Mrs. Ducky. You don’t need love. Waddle for your life…



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3 responses to “Facebook

  • hurtorheal

    In a bit of a dilemma about deleting Facebook myself. Just drafted a post on it and saw yours. I hate the newsfeed. Too many times its been used to victimise and bully an individual by multiple others. And when that’s not the case, its teenagers getting as much cleavage out as puberty will allow.
    Keep blogging lovely. Brings a smile to my day xxx

    • Stephy

      Aww, thankyou ^-^

      Agreed about the cleavage; when I was a teen, (aside from the fact that I didn’t have any cleavage to speak of – still don’t really) I wouldn’t have dreamed of saying some of the things these kids say to each other online. :/

      Publish your post – we can start an anti-Facebook campaign ;)


  • hurtorheal

    Reblogged this on Hurt Or Heal and commented:
    More on this subject soon! For now I think Stephyness has said all there is.
    I remain amazed at what humans can do to each other with the protection a keyboard affords. Bullying in any format should NEVER be considered acceptable behaviour. You would have though these people have a sense of shame.
    Love and luck to all (especially Facebook victims) xxx

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