Don’t wake me up

Two smiles today. One of which my phone camera was too slow to capture, the other of which it just about got.

I will put the photos of the second thing on here tomorrow, and describe the first thing for you.

So I’ve been in the library all afternoon, trying to write an essay. I’m worn out, grumpy and braindead by the time I finally decide to give up. I step outside into the night, and am hit by a wall of cold. This is bad, because I only have my small jacket on me; it was brilliantly sunny when I left the house at midday. Anyway. I brace myself for the (too long, dammit it’s freezing) 20 minute walk home, and stick my earphones in. (‘The Bitter End’ by Placebo. Inappropriate, but never mind. It’ll do). Begin walking. Halfway down the long straight road that the library’s on, I’m just strolling along lost in my own little world as usual, and someone passes me on a bike. Except there’s something wrong about this. I can tell even though I’m staring at the ground straight ahead as I walk. I look up – to discover that what has actually just passed me is this:

A guy on a bike. Looks probably about 22 or 23 years old. Another guy – if anything, a slightly older guy – behind him on a skateboard, holding on to the bike seat and being towed along. Quite fast.

Got me thinking:

1) Do men ever actually grow up? If so, when?

2) Looks like fun. Reminds me of the time when I did the same thing, but on rollerblades. Except I was probably about 11 then.

3) Life would be so much better if we all did daft things more often.

Anyway. Here is a picture of a tiger being snowed on:


A friend sent me that picture because it reminded him of some of my drawings.

At first glance, it’s beautiful.

Then when you think about it, it’s a tiger in a zoo.


Smile, because it’s better than crying.



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