The other smile

(Sorry it’s late).

On the same walk home from the library, a little while after the bike/skateboard guys passed, a cat scared the life out of me by dashing out from under a hedge right in front of me, and then stopping in the middle of the road to watch me walk by. I decided to stop and talk to her, and she turned out to be really friendly. (I’m assuming ‘she’ due to the petite-ness and friendliness, particularly in comparison with our big fat antisocial tom cat). Tiny, adorable and she had a rather glorious tail. I just wanted to scoop her up and take her home.


Didn’t manage to get a particularly brilliant photo, but I felt obliged to take one because she properly rolled onto her back for me to rub her belly, and then struck a variety of poses for me. Would have been rude to just walk away.

Cutie pie. :3

In other news, I’m currently at home (again) recovering from myself  for Easter.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. Happy overindulgence-in-chocolate-day to all who don’t.



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