Being Someone Else

The next time I go out, I am going to wear fake tan.

And fake eyelashes. Massive ones.

Maybe some hair extensions, Bright Red Lipstick.

The tightest, shortest Pink dress I can find.

(Possibly one of those ones with some bits cut out here and there…)

Fake nails, REALLY high heels.

Big Earrings, big jewellery everywhere, metallic eye makeup.

And I will laugh the way other girls laugh, at only the things they would laugh at.

And I will say the kinds of things other girls would say, and pretend to be into all the stuff the other girls are into.

Only talk to the kinds of people the other girls would talk to.

Go to the places they’d go to, and look like I’m enjoying being there.

Just to see what it’s like to not be me, for a little while, because the real me never really seems to do so well socially.

(I’m not even sure who the real me is).

Maybe I might even like being covered in fake. Perhaps I’ll realise what I’ve been doing wrong all this time, and never look back.


Perhaps I’m lying my [sexy little] arse off here and I will never, ever ever do these things because if the Real Me isn’t good enough for People then those People aren’t good enough for the Real Me.

Perhaps I am a total freak, but then so is everyone, really. Inevitably some people will be my kind of freak, and others won’t. And that’s cool, y’know?

: )

In other smiles,

I watched my younger brother make a team of skinny midgets and a team of chunky giants (all with highly questionable names) and pit them against each other on FIFA 12, earlier. I haven’t laughed so much in a very long time. :’)

It’s the little things, y’know?

I feel this post is too dull without a photo, so here is my Floyd back when he was young and pretty:


Happy what’s-left-of-Wednesday, and much love to all the (my kind of) freaks ;)



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3 responses to “Being Someone Else

  • youareherex

    so that makes you 100% nuts? nothing special there everyone Ive ever met is nuts…..then again everyone is nuts in their own special way, which is kind of cool otherwise it would be one boring ass world…..P.S. I agree abt the pink dress, suspect yur worth more too

  • Abi

    Its funny, before I clicked on here, I had almost the same conversation in my head.

    Next Halloween I’m dragging your butt back up to uni to join me and we WILL be old grannies and it WILL be awesome.


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