La Mariposa de la Muerte

(Papillon-devil, Sorcière-noire…)


My anger right now,

could burn down a small city.

(To borrow an image from another).

By way of a little constructive self-harm for the purpose of diffusing such rage,

I want a miniature (and reworked – would have to be a little less intricate) version of this sketch I did a while ago, tattoo’d on me. Very soon.

That’s an Emperor moth.

Because butterflies are so cliché, but moths, being nocturnal and helplessly drawn to the bright lights that blind them and the flames that burn them…


(‘La Mariposa de la Muerte’ is the Spanish name for the Black Witch Moth – the one from Silence of the Lambs. While I like the idea of a butterfly of death, I’m not sure I want one on me. Besides, this one’s prettier).

Now to decide where to have it, and who to ask to do it.

I’m thinking ankle.

It’s gonna hurt.

I’m already feeling better.

: )



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