Lots of Love

Today, for all the awesome people who have shown me some recently.

Recent events have led me to vow to try to be a better person.

(So y’know… feel free to kick me if you think I’m failing, okay?)

Not sure if any of this counts, but today/yesterday I have;

(and yes, I also know that telling everyone about stuff I’ve done that I think is good, is in fact somewhat self-indulgent and probably not very good-person-ish, but I promised smiles and this just happens to be where today’s smileage has derived from, so suck it).

* Bought flowers for my Grandma.

(She’s helped me out recently, and she’s injured, as if I needed a reason to be buying her flowers. Never realised how difficult buying flowers is. Never done it before. “I like these ones… but will she like these ones? These ones aren’t as expensive but they’re prettier… the roses have ‘rose food’ and the others have ‘bouquet food’ – can you mix them? I’ve been hanging around the flowers too long, I look silly, need to make a decision here…”)

* Bought my lil’ sister another Kinder surprise egg.

(I always bring her one of those when I come home, even though she’s far too old for such things now. It’s just become a bit of a thing. Unfortunately, the toy in today’s was lame, again. Not only am I unable to win anything on the lottery or any such similar gamble, it seems I don’t even have the luck required to get one of the cute Kinder egg toys for my sister. *sigh*).  

* Gave the lil’ sister a proper hug – one that lasted ages.

(She always calls me Voldemort, because she thinks my hugs are rubbish. I’m working my way out of that nickname one smothering bear hug at a time).

* Told my dad the fence that he recently put up was a pretty good fence as far as I could tell, and promised to paint it for him when I’m back home.

(This after wandering thoughtfully around the beautiful mess that is the abandoned patch of land/sheds behind our house [sort of] with him. We don’t always have a lot to say to each other, but sometimes that’s ok).

* Deleted myself from Facebook

(Because it does me no good. And me being done no good = not easy to get along with).

* Refrained from treating the cat in any way that might have caused him to become agitated – meaning letting him go when I hadn’t had anywhere near enough of cuddling him, yet.

(I hope he appreciated that).

* Brushed the dog, who in his old age seems to be moulting enough each day to stuff a couple of pillows.

(I know, I know, daft. But honestly, I wish I’d gotten a photo of that. He looked so happy to be getting so much attention. Followed me around for the rest of the day and everything. Actual cutest thing ever).

And tomorrow,

* If I can drag myself out of bed on time, which will benefit me too, I will drop the siblings off at school so mum doesn’t have to before work.

(Early mornings always turn out to be good for my soul; hopefully the happy vibes will make me nicer all day).

* I won’t go back to Uni until I’ve made sure the whole house is sparkling clean and tidy.

(And that’s quite a lot of house. Hence why it never quite manages to be sparkling clean or tidy unless I’ve been around and had too much time on my hands).

I think that’ll do, for now.

Here is a photo of a bit of the (kinda photogenic) kinda wasteland I mentioned;


This and 2 other crumbling outbuildings, and lots more overgrown-ness; woulda been (was, even though it was owned and used and cared for back then, but shhh) such an awesome playground for making dens and stuff when I was a kid. Climb the lilac tree, drop down over the fence, always win at hide and seek. (Or, forget hide and seek, duck under another fence and wander off up the hill).

: )



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