I Hope

The nice message I just sent anonymously to someone who for some reason I feel kinda protective towards in a big-sister-ish kinda way, makes her smile.

Basically just said what I wish someone could have said to me at that age. Perhaps she’ll figure out it was me, perhaps she’ll think I’m weird for it. But, well, life’s too short to not say the things you need/want to say.

: )

Apart from that, I’m in pyjamas and a dressing gown with a hot chocolate in my hand, having recently returned from a 4 mile run in the pouring rain, accompanied by one of those people who just… talk.

(so all I had to do was agree with everything she said and answer all her questions, in order to be one half of a successful conversation).

This makes my soul happy.

For the purposes of not being boring…

Simple things, amuse simple minds. And that amused me for quite some time, when I stumbled upon it.

Go on, click it. You know you wanna.

Warm fuzzy Thursday Love to y’all.



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