On a Side Note,

(because I had a post prepared for today already… look out for that one later),

I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

By Dave Knickerbocker; a fairly new but faithful follower of mine, to whom I am most grateful not only for the nomination but also for a lot of support for my blog in general. Thankyou thankyou Dave. :)

Everyone go check out his page.

Rules of accepting;

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.

2.  Share the love by passing the award along to some other bloggers you adore.

3.  Keep writing, inspiring, loving and living in joy and beauty!

So, now I need to pass on this award to some beautiful people I read.  I choose;

Hurt Or Heal

Pink Ninjabi


Because you only need to read a little of what they write – no matter what aspect of life they happen to be writing about at the time, good or bad – to see that they are genuinely lovely people.

: )

More later, and thankyou once more Mr. Knickerbocker.

lotsa love,



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7 responses to “On a Side Note,

  • Pink Ninjabi

    Awwww.. genuine lovely people! Me sniffles.. awww!!! That just made me smile a big pink smile! :D


  • Dave Knickerbocker

    Mr. Knickerbocker?! That’s my dad. Or it’s how you’d refer to a fruity dessert in the U.K. that you’d obviously have an unhealthy respect for (never heard of “Knickerbocker glory” till I visited the mother land a few years back). Or, it’s a song sung by a big purple and green dinosaur, which I’m guessing is the reference here. I’ve never been able to figure out the point of that song or why this distant relative of mine likes to boppity bop.

    • Stephy

      My life so far has been blissfully purple-dinosaur free, because when I was young he was on obscure channels we didn’t have, and was also strongly disliked by my mother. Unfortunately, curiosity killed the cat, and thanks to Google I am now painfully aware of what I inadvertently just referenced. Remind me to thank my Mum next time I see her… ;)

      • Dave Knickerbocker

        Oh no! Sorry I ruined your bliss. You must have an awesome mum to have saved you from that. Maybe it’s a subconcious thing – why I go by just “Dave.”

        Anyway, I didn’t mean to make a big thing about this, ’cause it really isn’t. So I’ll shut up now and let you get back to your regularly-scheduled blog.

  • hurtorheal

    Aww, thank you so much for bringing a great big smile to my day! You’re truly deserving of the beautiful blogger award xxx

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