All of the Stress

that has already come from my undertaking this ill-advised, kind-of-surprise visit home, and all of the stress undoubtedly to come in the next couple of days as I fall still further behind with my work, was and will be worth it just for the smile and the hug I got from my little sister when I got here.

It was a pretty good moment; I pulled into the drive just as she was getting out of the car, home from school.

: )

I think she liked her presents too.

All that’s left now is the part where I wonder how the heck she got to being 12 already, and to hope she has a better time of being 12 than I did. (She’s beautiful, so I suspect she’ll be just fine).

Okay, so in other news, um… today I learned that porcupines float in water. Even though said information didn’t come from a trustworthy source, I enjoyed the image it brought to mind.

Which somehow made me think of this;

(What? I don’t know. Brain not functioning. Forgive).

Thursday love and day-old birthday cake,



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2 responses to “All of the Stress

  • Pink Ninjabi

    LOLOL!! You’re hilarious. Wow. I NEVER knew porcupines float in water. Huh! Wow! LOVE your post as always! And as for beauty, let’s just say it has its perks but pitfalls too. As in attracting douchebaggery. My friends end up having to beat off creepy guy.

    And as Gabrielle Union says for the Half the Sky Project: “Do you know what lasts longer than beauty? Being smart lasts much longer than being pretty”. Thank goodness for that! :D Now me goes build my brains. :D


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