Yes, there’s blonde underneath this;

Specifically that shade which tends to be universally and charmingly referred to within literature as ‘dirty blonde’

(and is never the colour of the heroine’s hair. Exciting people can’t have  ‘flowing mousey brown locks’, can they? People with mousey brown/dirty blonde hair are the plain and homely loyal friends to the heroes/heroines, the ones who get walked all over or killed or are sad but nobody knows/cares all that much).

Anyway. All I can say is,

Sorr-yyy that I want my goldfishies to have plenty of swimming space in their new tank. *pout*

(‘swimming space’ = complete with demonstratory spacious swimming motions).


(…and I wonder why nobody ever seems to take me seriously. I will move mountains some day goddammit. Even if they are mountains made of plasticine or something).

Hanging out with my ma brings out the worst best in me sometimes.

Happy whatever-fricken’-day-it-even-is-now



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