Guess Who’s Back

(back again,

Stephy’s back,

tell a friend…)

Yeah. Hi.

To start on a positive note and because it’s Fathers’ Day, I’ll begin with that bit about how I love my Daddy.

(Oh the 90s. I think he’s still got that jumper…)


Then I suppose I’d better mention that I went to Georgioupolis, Crete, for a week. With two of the girls I live with and the lovely KP who I do not live with.

(I won’t be living with any of these people as of Thursday. Mixed feelings there, but I suspect that it’s not them, it’s me).

A week of Sun, Sea, Sand and all The Rest.

(don’t get me wrong though; a total of 4 alcoholic beverages were consumed by yours truly throughout the whole week. ‘The Rest’ is probably not what you think).

I’m still finding myself at a total loss as to what to write every time I sit down and try to write something, and I’m also still averse to being too negative up in here, so I’m afraid ^that’s all you get to know for now. Perhaps I’ll elaborate later.

I’m not really happy to be home (maybe because I’m not Home, yet); I liked being away from (most of) the stuff that was grinding me down.  So, although it’s all wrong,

(I did enjoy myself, don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, DON’T GET ME WRONG)

I just kinda want to run to the Middle of Somewhere (which to anyone else would be considered the middle of nowhere) and scream.

Instead, my plans for today are to buy shoes and maybe a dress to go with them – one that actually suits me, if such a thing exists – and pack up my life ready for the next stage. And go out, with everyone who’s still around, wearing said shoes and dress like they’re gonna save my life or something stupid.

Dieu: Je voudrais être quelqu’un d’autre, maintenant, s’il vous te plaît.



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