Everybody was out apart from me and the younger brother.

Bored of being alone, I decided to go downstairs and see where he was/what he was up to.

He was playing Call of Duty.

Online, with one of his friends from school. Y’know, complete with mics for chatting to each other about guns and grenades and all the rest.

(At this point, so that the next line makes sense I will point out that I barely slept last night).

After watching him play for a little while I got pretty bored, and curled up in a corner on a beanbag and snoozed.

I was woken by the continous sound of  a high-pitched voice coming from the gaming corner; brother’s friend’s little brother (aged 3) was with him, and asking him a million billion questions.

“What’s that? Is that you? Can I play? Why not? What does this button do? Why did he just do that? Who’s that? What’s he doing?…” etc, etc.

So, so cute.  ^.^

The best one, though, was;

– “What’s this? Can I use this?”

– “No, you haven’t got any facial hair”.


So yeah. That’s how my Tuesday has been made.


For photos’ sake,


I give you my one of my bestest myspace-whore photos, (gleefully unearthed and mildly edited earlier today) showing what I made myself look like one time almost exactly 3 years ago today.

pahahaha. :’)

We’ll call this number 1 on the July Photo-a-Day Challenge list, and I’ll go from there?

(And though I’d like to say I’ve grown up a fair bit since then, I can’t promise that if you gave me a decent camera, a place with suitable lighting and a selection of makeup, I wouldn’t do it again).



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