Someone asked me today,

What I liked best about my job.

(He was being sarcastic).

I thought about it for a little while as I finished off the washing up, and then gave him an answer;

I like the half-hour drive to and from here, because that’s when I sing.’

(I wasn’t being sarcastic).

He said,

‘You sing when you wash up; I heard you singing earlier when I was putting the chickens in…’ 

I made generic mortified oh-noes-someone-heard-me-singing noises and mumbled something about singing way louder in my car, and he said

‘Nah it’s cool, you’re good.’ 

(This is the same guy who was the only person to make a proper effort to talk to me on my first day, and consequently helped to restore a little of my faith in humanity at the time. The kind of person I’d get God to bless, if I believed in God).


Then when I was leaving the place,

(singing at the top of my lungs…)

I passed a heartwarmingly large group of people doing what looked like a sponsored walk for charity.

There must have been a few hundred of them, and they were all wearing yellow t-shirts that said sunset something, (sunset stroll?) and carrying buckets. (God; bless all of them too, yeah?).


Then I filled my car up at another supermarket’s petrol station (because mine doesn’t have such a thing, and in the words of the best person I used to work with at my previous job I’m a ‘dirty little supermarket whore’ like that). There I had the best little bitching session with the woman who served me, about horrible rude customers and how irritating it is having to be nice to them all day. (God…? Yeah. Her too).


So those are my smiles for today.

Oh, I almost forgot the one directed at the adorable little kid with the impeccable manners who ordered a ‘pepper-pepperoni’ pizza.

(I put extra pepperoni on it because he said he loved pepperoni and he said please and thankyou, and… SO CUTE).

Yeah, I’ll shut up now.

Here is an Arctic Fox;



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