*Ditsy American High School Beauty Queen voice* …So like, do you want me to park, or drive? Cuz I can’t really do both at the same time, can I? Silly…

Um, yeah. Apart from that ^ something else was pointed out to me yesterday;

this blog hasn’t really been going to plan, for quite some time. I was meant to be writing about smiles and happy things, and I’ve somehow ended up whining 40% of the time and being quiet for the other 60%.

I’m not really sorry about that, but I understand that I probably should be; I’m sure nobody really likes to read about un-smiley things, and I’m sure my drastic drop in page views is a reflection of that fact.

All I can say really is bear with me, and I promise I will get back to the smiles eventually. In case you hadn’t figured this out yet, I haven’t really been feeling too well lately (and am more afraid of finding out a potentially terrifying reason as to why, than I am of carrying on like this until I keel over or something), and my life has taken a bit of a U-turn in terms of how bright the future looks and things.  I mean, ok so I saw the U-turn coming from the other end of the motorway, and it wasn’t like it happened quickly or anything, but the fact remains that I’m currently going backwards. I don’t like it and am trying to change it, but the aforementioned not-feeling-healthy, sometimes-feeling-just-plain-crazy thing is slowing me down a fair bit. Some day I will have to feel more smiley (and for more than a couple of hours at a time). It has to happen.

In the meantime,

This Guy  (who happens to be my friend Chris) has decided to follow in my blogging footsteps where the original aim of this thing was concerned, and write about his own daily smiles – the first of which is accredited to yours truly from a conversation we had yesterday.

^ Follow him for the antidote to my failure  melancholy? And because he’s just generally kinda lovely, and stuff.

: )



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