My Sister’s Logic;

(K, D and myself are sitting/lying in the garden, under the shade of a parasol… first properly sunny day of their school holidays).


D: Gah, why are there so many spiders?

Me: (quoting Family Guy) …there’s way too many spiders. Why are there so many spiders? The brochure said there would only be a few spiders. This is a terrible vacation.

– K and I begin to giggle, and can’t stop –

K: It’s true though, it’s harder to stop laughing when you’re laid on your back.

– more uncontrollable giggling –

K: But yeah, it’s annoying. That’s the only thing it (the parasol) doesn’t block out; spiders.

D: What? What so it blocks out everything but spiders?  It’s blocking out… me and you and the grass and the trees and the air…

K: Yeah. Everything around us, it’s all just spiders. Everything is spiders.

Me: So… We’re actually in a black hole right now? There’s nothing here at all, except us and the spiders? We’re not even here?

K: (giggling like a lunatic) …Spiders!



You probably had to be there.

Aren’t you gutted you weren’t?

; )



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