Not How the Story Goes

…And so Cinderella, no longer able to sing like the wild birds whose company she preferred, no longer able to let down her hair, wildly afraid of the beast she was supposed to have fallen in love with and frustrated in her realisation that the waking world could never meet the expectations built up in her hundred years of beauteous slumber – no matter how handsome the prince whose kiss had awoken her – took James Bond’s revolver, pressed the cold steel of the barrel hard against the delicate flesh beneath her chin and threw back her head, her glorious blood-red curls shining in the moonlight as they tumbled down her back.

Do you believe in God? written on the bullet; and Cassie Pulled the Trigger.



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One response to “Not How the Story Goes

  • Dave Knickerbocker

    Yep, I believe in God, Stephy (though I’m not sure if you’re asking a question or quoting the source). He so often doesn’t make sense, and I find that refreshing. The best part is that I don’t have to hope in myself for all the answers. It’s a good thing too. I’d make a terrible god.

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