How Apple Strudel Got Her Name

… is a story I cringe to tell, and only ever will if I have absolutely no other option.*

But yeah. I’ve mentioned my goldfish,  Apple Strudel, before haven’t I?  (Here.)

Well, a little while ago I got a new fish tank. On Tuesday I moved Strudel into it, and bought a new wee fishy which is currently in quarantine in the old, small tank before he/she can move into the grown-ups’ tank and be Strudel’s friend. (Said newbie  is also in need of a name; preferably a gender neutral one alluding to a dessert and/or a somewhat lethal alcoholic beverage).

: )

Here’s the old-timer;

And here’s the teeny tiny new baby;


They pretty.

[I swear I am not the goldfish equivalent of the stereotypical crazy cat lady].

In other news I have this horrible feeling my laptop may be about to die a hideous death on me. So, umm…

Love ‘n’ hugs


*other options include forcibly removing my own premolars/eyeballs using blunt cutlery, and throwing myself blindly out of the nearest (closed) window.


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4 responses to “How Apple Strudel Got Her Name

  • Pink Ninjabi

    Love this post! Sooo cute! Makes me wanna have goldfish again! But like, they tend to commit suicide on me by jumping out of the tank, and me horrifically finding their bugged out eyes staring at me in terror. Yup.. sigh…


  • Arabella FullofLife

    Your percentages (on your avatar) made me laugh out loud, which at 7.49am is good going. 4.5% awesome is probably underscored – you might need to research that one a bit further…
    Goldfish: Floating Island, Meringue, Pimms, Tarte Tatin, Lemon Posset?

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