A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away – Guest Post Special #6 Stephanie Crowe

My attempt at a 50 word story, guest posted by the master of 50 word stories. :)

(I’m not 100% happy with it, but – like everything I have to let go of – I guess I never could be. Sorry if you think it sucks. Also, I’ve been really busy over the last couple of weeks, working almost every waking hour of my life. It’s doing me good in more ways than one, but I’m sorry for the silence).


boy with a hat

Painting of a window

Smiling slightly, the girl held the housefly’s body against the windowsill, soft and struggling beneath her left thumb. Tweezers clasped between right thumb and forefinger, she deftly plucked away both wings.

‘Now let’s see how you fly!’ she murmured, tossing the hapless creature through the open window with a flourish.


This story was written by… Stephy is afraid of almost everything, except the dark. She is mildly allergic to Tuesdays, and always manages to turn up late (despite owning far too many watches).

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