(un)sexy saturday.

Bad things about today:

(yesterday, probably, by the time this is done and posted)

1) This burn,

and the hectic 8 hours at work in which it was sustained.

2) The fact that I have a cold.


Good things about today;

1) How awesome the people I work with happen to be – especially today’s ones. Lotta love for them right now, (but no, L; not lesbian love. Sorry…) for making what could have been the most awful 4 weeks of my life (so far – one week to go) nowhere near as terrible as anticipated.

2) I am becoming if not awesome then at least blissfully self-assured, at what I do. While this would ordinarily be no big deal – what I do isn’t exactly rocket science – to me, at this moment in time, this represents a massive step forward and a massive weight off my shoulders. (As does the making friends thing).

3) The cold is already better than it was. (If I haven’t just gone and jinxed myself) That’s pretty much a new record time for getting better, for me.

4) The aforementioned burn is pretty much the exact shape and size of a guitar pick. It also proves a point; That it is entirely pointless wearing kevlar sleeves above the elbow. Nobody has ever been at any risk of burning themselves above the elbow. Why does it always have to hurt before it becomes clear that I was right? Whatever happened to common sense?

Still. As burns go, I think I kinda like this one.

(‘Hey… wanna kiss my boo boo better?’)




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