(Far From) Silent Sunday

I’ve been hearing this song on the radio a lot lately;

I sing along at the top of my lungs every time, because it takes me away to a happy place.

I’m not quite sure how it does that, because I’m sure this song came out when I was about 11 or 12, and hadn’t been at secondary (high) school long. It reminds me of then, and that’s a phase I don’t remember enjoying all that much.

Either way, it’s nice now to think that 10 years since I first heard and sang along loudly to her songs, good ol’ P!nk is still going strong.

(I already mentioned how much I love her, right?)

Some questionable attire – and a questionable elephant – present in that video, but I can forgive. Back when the song first came out, I’m pretty sure I was making more than my fair share of questionable outfit choices. Not the same style of questionable, though.

Nor the same elephant.



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