30 Day Challenge – Day 2

Ok, so today I’m supposed to write about “Something I feel strongly about”.

However, I have this sneaking suspicion that I will have a lot more to say on that topic after the day I’ll probably have had tomorrow, or the short shift I’ll have had at work tonight (after which it’ll be kinda too late for writing). So instead I’m gonna do tomorrow’s  today, and today’s tomorrow.

(Rules, like hearts, were made to be broken… right?)

Day 3: A Book You Love

Despite the risk of looking incredibly silly, here, I’m going to talk about a series of books I enjoyed as a kid. All of the adult literature I’ve read thus far in my life I’ve found to be pretty nondescript, unless something along the lines of deliberately daft and very tongue-in-cheek  appeared to have been the intended style (in which case, everyone should read Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett).

So, the children’s series? The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart, illustrated (beautifully) by Chris Riddell. Set in a fantasy world inhabited by goblins, trolls, elves and all manner of weird and wonderful creatures besides human beings, where pirate ships fly (not by fairy dust, though – by types of wood and stone that become buoyant when heated)  and a city full of pompous academics and corrupt politicians floats above the mainland, held there by a gigantic chain… and getting lost in the Twilight Woods while searching for stormphrax –  created by lightning strikes, makes the dirtiest water instantly crystal clear, and also incredibly heavy when kept in the dark and thus vital for keeping the floating city from breaking free and disappearing into the sky – will lead to an eerie slow descent into madness and a kind of eternal living death.  There are 10 books in the series; 3 trilogies, each of which follows a hero of a later generation than the last, and then a final book to round everything off. Each her0 – always a boy aged around 14 – is in some way descended from the heroes of the earlier trilogies. (Although the books weren’t originally released in chronological order, so at the time it took a bit of thought to figure out who was related to who and how, which was fun).

To show you why I loved these books so much, here are some of the illustrations;


I even have a signed hardback copy of The Clash Of The Sky Galleons, which I won – before the book’s official release –  in a writing competition when I was 13.

: )



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