Challenge: Day 3

Except I swapped, so I’m doing day 2 today;

Something I feel strongly about.

This is difficult. I’ve been mulling this one over all day, and very few proper issues spring to mind as mattering all that much to me. It would seem I don’t really do feeling strongly at the moment. Sure, I get passive-aggressively angry about quite a few daft little things such as cans without ringpulls, the language used by women’s magazines to covertly bully us all into thinking pretty hair and handbags and sex are the keys to happiness in life… people who chew their food loudly and/or eat with their mouths open, people who walk slowly down busy streets, the continued existence of One Direction, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Katy Perry…

Actually, I’ll pull up there.

I do feel almost capable of a quick rant (after all, there are only 39 minutes left of ‘today’ in which to complete this post right now) about the general crappiness of the music I keep hearing on the airwaves these days.

Y’see, I have had the same 4 CDs in my car for roughly the past year. All of them are mix CDs, all of them are very old and very overplayed. I am too lazy to go to the trouble of making new ones or buying a stereo that my iPod – the iPod I’ve yet to buy and likely be too lazy to fill with music – will plug into. Having decided that hearing The Best Of 2 Years Ago, Mostly Pendulum, Mostly Skrillex or Mostly-Very-Questionable-Mosher -Stuff-That-My-Brother-Was-Into-At-One-Stage one more time might convince me to drive over the edge of the nearest cliff, I’ve had to resort to the radio lately.

I can get about seven different stations, (the old-and-clunky-ness of my car is an entirely separate issue, by the way) and tend to spend the majority of my half-hour drives to and from work irritably flicking from one to the next and growling to myself. Because in between the adverts and the usually-not-very-entertaining chit-chat, games and whatever else, the music that tends to be played tends to… kinda suck. Carly Rae Jepsen, ‘Call me maybe’. ‘We Are Young’, by Fun. ‘Drive By’, by Train. You might remember my earlier grumblings about Justin Bieber and Big Sean and their atrocious lyric-writing efforts. Well, how about the lead singer of Train being;

– “Just a shy guy, looking for a two ply, hefty bag to hold my (ah ah ah ah ah ah) love” ?

…Or – not quite so current, but – on the topic of lyrical depth how about that gem from Katy Perry;

– “This is the part of me that you’ll never ever ever take away from me” ?


– “Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?”

Katy, sweetheart… You can’t rhyme a word with the very same word. And I’m…I’m not too sure plastic bags have feelings, much less regrets about the way their lives have turned out. D minus, try harder. Sorry.

From Chris Brown, this little piece of genius;

– “Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)”

Meanwhile, Rihanna is pretty desperate for us not to forget that she found love in a hopeless place; she found love in a hopeless place, she found love in a hopeless place… she found love in a hope, less, place.

Not only are these supposed ‘artists’ churning out repetitive generic music and mindless, heartless, soulless Four Chord Songs,  they still seem to find the task of making one song in any way distinguishable from all their others, just too difficult. So little originality teamed with so little effort; makes me glad that pretty much no-one pays to own this stuff any more.

The absolute worst right now, though, has to be this;

Please, please. People. Stop buying into this shite. Please. I already joined ’em for three years, pretending to like this stuff because everyone I lived with did. Enough is too much; I would really prefer to beat ’em.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…

I’mma party.

I’m gon’ dance.

…Put your hands upon my body?

(On my body, on my body, put your hands upon mah-mah-mah-

…No. No. Pass me  Dodgy Mosher Shit Mix CD 2, please? Please).



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