Challenge Day 4

Bullet Your Whole Day. 

(^ That would be my version of bulleting my day. Y’know, if I were an anime character with a split personality, horns and a bunch of invisible arms. And boobies, and lush long hair…)

Sorry, but it was really not worth me doing that one properly; my day has been very dull and can be summed up in less than a sentence.

(Woke up had breakfast read a bit went to work – made pizzas, cleaned stuff, put stuff in and took stuff out of ovens, sliced some ham, cut some cheese, chatted to some customers – drove home from work had dinner chilled out had a shower chilled out some more).

Besides, this blog has been lacking pictures for a couple of days. That one is actually a little copycat sketch I did a few years ago, of the main character of an anime series I watched for some reason which totally escapes me now.



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