Challenge Day 7

(Where day 6 was concerned – Your Views on Mainstream Music – I kind of already outlined those on Day 3, and I was busy on day 6 anyway so I’m just gonna miss that one out. Rules were made to be messed with).


Day 7: Five Pet Peeves. 

1. The phrase ‘Pet Peeves’. It’s disgusting and I hate it.

2. When people get your and you’re the wrong way round. Or just use ‘your’ for both. Of all the common spelling and grammar mistakes that irritate me, that one is really f*cking easy not to get wrong… yet so many people are too stupid or too lazy to get it right. Annoying.

3. When people -particularly those over the age of 12 – don’t say please and thankyou. For example, the large proportion of customers I serve at work who utter neither word when ordering food. The most very basic of manners, and yet there are a shocking number of people out there who don’t use them.

4. Cans without ringpulls. Since the amazing device that is the ringpull was invented, I can’t understand why from that day forward there ever needed to be another can manufactured without one on. Can openers are stupidly unreliable tools that have too often caused me injuries. There is a simple solution to this issue, and has been since 1962; why are there still some products that only come in cans you have to risk cutting your hands several times in the process of opening?

5. People who go around declaring that they’re ‘Soooo ill’ and have ‘Flu’, taking every remedy known to man and being generally pathetic when they catch the common cold. Now I’m no doctor and neither is she, but my Ma always said you only get flu once in your lifetime; when you do you know about it. To the elderly, the very young and those with respiratory conditions like asthma, Flu can be deadly. Deadly. Where you can like, literally die from it.  I’m pretty sure that slight headache and runny nose you woke up with today are unlikely to kill you. Sure, they’re unpleasant symptoms (and please stop leaving your used tissues lying around for crying out loud) but really you could just stop being so whiny about it and get on with your life. If you must whine, at least call it what it is; Not Flu.

Other miscellaneous annoyances include drivers who don’t thank me for giving way to them, parents who have no control over their children in public places, adverts on the radio, and those texts that I keep getting which tell me I could claim back vast sums of money in mis-sold PPI. I don’t even know what PPI is…



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2 responses to “Challenge Day 7

  • digitalnativeuk

    Don’t know what PPI is?

    Then that (probably) just means that you’ve accidentally bought it without realising! (perhaps)

    You are (possibly) in line to claim thousands of £££s!!!

    Just call 0800-S-C-A-M-2468 to claim! Calls cost just (£1 and) 25p, and calls will only last a maximum of (one hour and) five minutes!


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