A Problem That You Have Had. 

First of all, let it be known that I do not like this one.

But since I am awake and have the time to write something, I’ll rise to the challenge… sort of.


Size 8 jeans are a massive struggle for me to get into.

Size 10 jeans are usually too big, by a margin considerable enough for it to be impossible for me to ignore and get over their too-big-ness.

Belts, even the ‘small’ ones, do not  fit me properly; There’s always too much left over, which just looks stupid.

I could eat The World and not put on more than maybe a couple of pounds.


My hair grows all wrong, so that there does not exist a style which it will do properly – or a way for it to look remotely attractive. Even when I was little, it wouldn’t do plaits or pigtails or even a simple ponytail properly. I think this is why I decided at some point not to even bother trying to be a proper girl.


I had a tendency, through school, to develop undying crushes on guys whom I not only would pretty much never speak to, but whom none of my friends could even vaguely understand my obsessions with.  Silent, Secret Agony.


I have no boobies. I would really prefer to have some of those. (I’m not stupid enough to even contemplate getting fake ones, don’t worry). I feel like a lot of years of my life would have been a lot less silently secretly agonizing if I’d just grown a pair of those at some point. (This fact probably played into at least one of the above, too).


My list of first world problems probably goes on and on, but I am tired and my brain isn’t working properly.

So, um.








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7 responses to “átján

  • David Kanigan

    Loved it! And what a punchy finish with the blue foots!

  • prideinmadness

    I hear ya on some of those!

    Clothing is a hassle for me also. Bras especially.

  • Pink Ninjabi

    I was dying laughing so hard. HAHA.. Your writing has definitely come a long way, so refreshingly honest, totally Abigail Thomas approved I say! And I have that same size 8 but not, and 10 to big issue too! Man! :D Boobies are overrated. They get in the way and are given way too much attention. Whatever, size B smaller less likely to have breast cancer apparently according to some, so kudos to the tinier ladies any day!

    • Stephy

      Hmm, that figures. Maybe I should appreciate what I’ve got, a bit more… Although the challenge did ask for ‘problems’, so I kinda had to complain. :P
      Thanks for commenting – and for sticking with me, and for always being lovely. It really means a lot. :) *hug*

      • Pink Ninjabi

        Awwwww… hugsss! You’re amazing, you really are. Whatever sizes, it encases a big heart and I just know your writing is big, you just don’t know it yet. Big, I tell ya! Just keep on pouring out that honesty, its a refreshing drink for the hungry reader. :D


  • Dave Knickerbocker

    I do have boobies (and I don’t mean birds). Okay, mine are subtle, but I’d still rather not have them. Life really isn’t fair!

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