What am I to do with all this (silence)?

This morning,* one of my fish died.

. This was not unexpected.

.  This was the inevitable resolution of a gradual decline.

Put a living, breathing thing where it should not be and cannot thrive. Put it in an environment whose conditions do not suit its nature, cannot meet its needs. Surround it – wall it in – with other types of fish whose needs are not, quite, compatible with its own.

Small wonder then that she spent all her time hiding; or that her body became twisted and wasted, her fins ragged, colours dull and faded, eyes glazed and lifeless as she forgot how to live, and then how to breathe.


*Actually, she died a couple of weeks ago. This was my spontaneous reaction, typed at work and saved for later because wordpress wouldn’t work and I was forced to snap out of it.


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