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Musings of a Bored Second(Or Third, Or Maybe Fourth?)-Placer

(I refuse to officially call myself a loser just yet).


Probably 99% of the time the inner workings of my brain could be fairly accurately represented by the concept of a fistfight between Lady GaGa and a Moomin.

(A giant moomin who appears to be winning most of the time, if only by virtue of her sheer size and squishiness… in spite of which we’re all still rooting for GaGa).


Sorry. Odd little mood today.




Yesterday’s Smile

It was about 10.30pm, and I was on a train and in my third hour of a journey home from London.

Somewhere on the opposite side of the carriage and a couple of seats behind mine were sitting a young mother and her little boy – who was at a guess around two years old.

For most of the journey the pair were babbling away to each other in that way that mothers and toddlers do. Then we reached a station a couple of stops away from my own (and a couple more still away from theirs), and as the train slowed to a halt the boy got ridiculously excited, jumping up and down screaming ‘Are we there are we there are we there? Mummy, are we there???’

No, mummy explained, no we’re not there yet. This is Thorne, we’ve got about 45 minutes to go…

and so (even though I’m pretty sure this kid was far too young to understand ’45 minutes’) he began to cry. Loudly. Wailing and sobbing as if the most tragic thing in the world, ever, had just happened to him.

(At this point the teenage boy sitting in front of and opposite to me, with whom I’d looked up from my book to make brief eye contact, shared a smirk with me before mumbling something which might have been ‘oh god, please no’).

After about 30 seconds of the mournful hysterics the mother put us all out of our misery/mild irritation;

“Oh… Stop Pretending To Cry!”

And so he did. Instantly. And remained silent for the next thirty seconds before starting up all over again.

Maybe you had to be there, but I had to giggle.



I’m Tired Of Being,


On The Outside,

I Wanna Know

What It’s Like.

I’m Tired of Seeing,

All The Sights,

I Wanna Feel,

Us Collide.

Not sure this means quite the same to me as it did to whoever wrote it. Either way, it’s been in my head since I heard it on the radio about a week ago in my (by the way really quite beautiful) new car, and I only just stopped to think about it today whilst stopping to think about some things I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It’s also not the kind of music I’d normally go for; there’s something about it that I just like, somehow. I suppose it is fun to sing along to once you figure out the words.

: )


I Want There To Be A God,

Because Nobody Else Is Going To Help Me Find My Way.

And Dear Sweet Jesus Christ, I Am Just So Lost.

(I know, I know. I desperately want to grow up, but I really just don’t seem to know how).


I Survived Against The Will,


of my twisted folk.

But in the deafness of my world,

The Silence broke,

and said;

Follow me down, to the valley below,

You know,

Moonlight is bleedin’, from out of your soul…




Real Life

keeps getting in the way.

my own little world

becoming shabby and neglected.

rotting, crumbling, flaking.

dust, rust, cobwebs, cracks,

and never enough time

to fix one thing.


(was that some kind of lame attempt at poetry, or were those just my thoughts?)


I’m listening to the kind of music my parents would always put on when I was little. It’s making me think of that beautiful grass-and-asphalt-drying smell after a short sharp shower on a Summer evening. Unexpectedly comforting.

So here is my favourite Roy Orbison:

He was one of Dad’s favourites, for a while. (Which may surprise you a little if you remember my mentioning this stuff before).

It was either him or ELO, but I think ELO already get enough attention. R.I.P. Roy.

Happy Friday, and warm fuzzies to y’all.


Staring into space

Thinking about how I don’t have time to waste on staring into space.


Here is a picture of –



Here is a picture of a cat who appears to be very proud of the fish s/he just caught/picked up.

StumbledUpon that at some point. ‘s cute, right?


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