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Zehnten Tag

Put Your Music Player On Shuffle and Write The First Ten Songs That Play. 

From my main Spotify Playlist (in need of some editing, it seems) entitled ‘Roar’.


1. I Didn’t Mean It – The Belle Brigade.

2. Show Me How To Live – Audioslave.

3. Substitution – Silversun Pickups.

4. Wash – Pearl Jam.

5. Discipline – Nine Inch Nails.

6. The Captain – Biffy Clyro.

7. Badman – Newton Faulkner.

8. The Walk – Imogen Heap.

9. So Happy I Could Die – Lady GaGa.

10. Thickfreakness – The Black Keys.

Bonus Tracks:

11. Fury – Muse.

12. Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem.

13. You Are A Tourist – Death Cab For Cutie.

14. One Day Like This – Elbow (There are many different shades of Roar, y’know).

15. We Can Make The World Stop – The Glitch Mob (If I could choose a soundtrack for the more ass-kicking moments in my life, this would most definitely feature).

I hate hate hate telling people what I’m listening to. I could be World Champion of self-consciousness. Well – go ahead and judge me. And can I just say; all of the songs you haven’t heard of up there, look them up? Shuffle actually did quite well, I think. Interesting selection.


Anyway. More importantly than my loser taste in müsyk…

Today the lovely Mr. David Kanigan, of Lead.Learn.Live nominated me for an award…

The Inspiring Blog Award.

So I need to say a big thankyou to him. I would never ever consider my words to be inspiring at all, but I am very flattered that someone out there found something in one or more of my posts that resonated. It means a lot; cheers Dave. ; )

Next thing I’m meant to do after linking y’all to his page and putting the logo up there, is list seven facts about myself. I’ll leave that part out since I just gave you all that music^; that was kinda like telling you some stuff about me, if you listened. Then I have to nominate 5-10 other blogs, and tell them I’ve done so. If you want to accept and pass on the award, those are the rules.

1. Vincent Mars

2. Coco J. Ginger

3.  Pink 

4. Pride In Madness

5. Lesley Carter

6. Cherry Coley

The first two for inspiring me to write by doing so kind of beautifully themselves, and the rest for inspiring me more personally by being continuously supportive of my efforts on here.

In other news, there is a cat – normally a very antisocial little fella – resting his head against my leg and purring while he sleeps. ^-^

Lotsa Love,



Challenge Day 7

(Where day 6 was concerned – Your Views on Mainstream Music – I kind of already outlined those on Day 3, and I was busy on day 6 anyway so I’m just gonna miss that one out. Rules were made to be messed with).


Day 7: Five Pet Peeves. 

1. The phrase ‘Pet Peeves’. It’s disgusting and I hate it.

2. When people get your and you’re the wrong way round. Or just use ‘your’ for both. Of all the common spelling and grammar mistakes that irritate me, that one is really f*cking easy not to get wrong… yet so many people are too stupid or too lazy to get it right. Annoying.

3. When people -particularly those over the age of 12 – don’t say please and thankyou. For example, the large proportion of customers I serve at work who utter neither word when ordering food. The most very basic of manners, and yet there are a shocking number of people out there who don’t use them.

4. Cans without ringpulls. Since the amazing device that is the ringpull was invented, I can’t understand why from that day forward there ever needed to be another can manufactured without one on. Can openers are stupidly unreliable tools that have too often caused me injuries. There is a simple solution to this issue, and has been since 1962; why are there still some products that only come in cans you have to risk cutting your hands several times in the process of opening?

5. People who go around declaring that they’re ‘Soooo ill’ and have ‘Flu’, taking every remedy known to man and being generally pathetic when they catch the common cold. Now I’m no doctor and neither is she, but my Ma always said you only get flu once in your lifetime; when you do you know about it. To the elderly, the very young and those with respiratory conditions like asthma, Flu can be deadly. Deadly. Where you can like, literally die from it.  I’m pretty sure that slight headache and runny nose you woke up with today are unlikely to kill you. Sure, they’re unpleasant symptoms (and please stop leaving your used tissues lying around for crying out loud) but really you could just stop being so whiny about it and get on with your life. If you must whine, at least call it what it is; Not Flu.

Other miscellaneous annoyances include drivers who don’t thank me for giving way to them, parents who have no control over their children in public places, adverts on the radio, and those texts that I keep getting which tell me I could claim back vast sums of money in mis-sold PPI. I don’t even know what PPI is…


Challenge: Day 3

Except I swapped, so I’m doing day 2 today;

Something I feel strongly about.

This is difficult. I’ve been mulling this one over all day, and very few proper issues spring to mind as mattering all that much to me. It would seem I don’t really do feeling strongly at the moment. Sure, I get passive-aggressively angry about quite a few daft little things such as cans without ringpulls, the language used by women’s magazines to covertly bully us all into thinking pretty hair and handbags and sex are the keys to happiness in life… people who chew their food loudly and/or eat with their mouths open, people who walk slowly down busy streets, the continued existence of One Direction, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Katy Perry…

Actually, I’ll pull up there.

I do feel almost capable of a quick rant (after all, there are only 39 minutes left of ‘today’ in which to complete this post right now) about the general crappiness of the music I keep hearing on the airwaves these days.

Y’see, I have had the same 4 CDs in my car for roughly the past year. All of them are mix CDs, all of them are very old and very overplayed. I am too lazy to go to the trouble of making new ones or buying a stereo that my iPod – the iPod I’ve yet to buy and likely be too lazy to fill with music – will plug into. Having decided that hearing The Best Of 2 Years Ago, Mostly Pendulum, Mostly Skrillex or Mostly-Very-Questionable-Mosher -Stuff-That-My-Brother-Was-Into-At-One-Stage one more time might convince me to drive over the edge of the nearest cliff, I’ve had to resort to the radio lately.

I can get about seven different stations, (the old-and-clunky-ness of my car is an entirely separate issue, by the way) and tend to spend the majority of my half-hour drives to and from work irritably flicking from one to the next and growling to myself. Because in between the adverts and the usually-not-very-entertaining chit-chat, games and whatever else, the music that tends to be played tends to… kinda suck. Carly Rae Jepsen, ‘Call me maybe’. ‘We Are Young’, by Fun. ‘Drive By’, by Train. You might remember my earlier grumblings about Justin Bieber and Big Sean and their atrocious lyric-writing efforts. Well, how about the lead singer of Train being;

– “Just a shy guy, looking for a two ply, hefty bag to hold my (ah ah ah ah ah ah) love” ?

…Or – not quite so current, but – on the topic of lyrical depth how about that gem from Katy Perry;

– “This is the part of me that you’ll never ever ever take away from me” ?


– “Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?”

Katy, sweetheart… You can’t rhyme a word with the very same word. And I’m…I’m not too sure plastic bags have feelings, much less regrets about the way their lives have turned out. D minus, try harder. Sorry.

From Chris Brown, this little piece of genius;

– “Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)

Turn it up (just dance with me)”

Meanwhile, Rihanna is pretty desperate for us not to forget that she found love in a hopeless place; she found love in a hopeless place, she found love in a hopeless place… she found love in a hope, less, place.

Not only are these supposed ‘artists’ churning out repetitive generic music and mindless, heartless, soulless Four Chord Songs,  they still seem to find the task of making one song in any way distinguishable from all their others, just too difficult. So little originality teamed with so little effort; makes me glad that pretty much no-one pays to own this stuff any more.

The absolute worst right now, though, has to be this;

Please, please. People. Stop buying into this shite. Please. I already joined ’em for three years, pretending to like this stuff because everyone I lived with did. Enough is too much; I would really prefer to beat ’em.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…

I’mma party.

I’m gon’ dance.

…Put your hands upon my body?

(On my body, on my body, put your hands upon mah-mah-mah-

…No. No. Pass me  Dodgy Mosher Shit Mix CD 2, please? Please).


Birds Flyin’ High,

You Know How I Feel ~


So today I spent most of my time feeling much better than I have done for a while.  : )

Mostly for no particular reason, but here are a few of the things that have happened today to make me smile;

– I ran just over 3km in 17 minutes, with my younger brother. I have no idea whether that’s anything close to an achievement more generally, but it was my first time running in at least 4 weeks. We also have big plans; Half marathon distance (without walking any) will be achievable in six weeks’ time. Hopefully having D as a running buddy will help me to not give up this time.

– My little cousin said something really cute. After I’d chased her around the house and found her hiding on the stairs, I told her I liked her hair clips; she told me she’d got them for her birthday, proudly declared herself to be seven now, and asked me how I old I was. When I told her (21-and-a-half days ’til I turn 21), she said

‘that’s really, REALLY old!’

It’s ok, I know she meant it in a nice way. :3

– I wrote something for moonproject.co.uk, which hopefully will go on there tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

I’m not sure if anyone will really sympathise with what I was saying there, but even if they don’t publish it/everyone bashes me for it, it made me feel better to have typed it all out.

– I acquired a little black dress (like I didn’t already have enough of those, but… gift horses in the mouth and all that, right?) which pleasantly resembles the one I wore for my 19th birthday celebrations. Let’s just say I felt kinda sexy wearing the original, but it definitely couldn’t withstand the terrible ordeal I put it through that one and only time I wore it. (No, not in that way, Thank God. Definitely not in that way. Ha).

I’m ashamed to say I sank to the level of vain required for there to exist a photo of me wearing said new dress, but I don’t think I could ever quite bring myself down to the level of narcissistic whore required to put it on here.

Instead, here is a photo of a latte with bear-shaped froth (brought to my attention by a slightly lovely friend and which I think at least one other friend will appreciate if reading, too);




*Ditsy American High School Beauty Queen voice* …So like, do you want me to park, or drive? Cuz I can’t really do both at the same time, can I? Silly…

Um, yeah. Apart from that ^ something else was pointed out to me yesterday;

this blog hasn’t really been going to plan, for quite some time. I was meant to be writing about smiles and happy things, and I’ve somehow ended up whining 40% of the time and being quiet for the other 60%.

I’m not really sorry about that, but I understand that I probably should be; I’m sure nobody really likes to read about un-smiley things, and I’m sure my drastic drop in page views is a reflection of that fact.

All I can say really is bear with me, and I promise I will get back to the smiles eventually. In case you hadn’t figured this out yet, I haven’t really been feeling too well lately (and am more afraid of finding out a potentially terrifying reason as to why, than I am of carrying on like this until I keel over or something), and my life has taken a bit of a U-turn in terms of how bright the future looks and things.  I mean, ok so I saw the U-turn coming from the other end of the motorway, and it wasn’t like it happened quickly or anything, but the fact remains that I’m currently going backwards. I don’t like it and am trying to change it, but the aforementioned not-feeling-healthy, sometimes-feeling-just-plain-crazy thing is slowing me down a fair bit. Some day I will have to feel more smiley (and for more than a couple of hours at a time). It has to happen.

In the meantime,

This Guy  (who happens to be my friend Chris) has decided to follow in my blogging footsteps where the original aim of this thing was concerned, and write about his own daily smiles – the first of which is accredited to yours truly from a conversation we had yesterday.

^ Follow him for the antidote to my failure  melancholy? And because he’s just generally kinda lovely, and stuff.

: )


Guess Who’s Back

(back again,

Stephy’s back,

tell a friend…)

Yeah. Hi.

To start on a positive note and because it’s Fathers’ Day, I’ll begin with that bit about how I love my Daddy.

(Oh the 90s. I think he’s still got that jumper…)


Then I suppose I’d better mention that I went to Georgioupolis, Crete, for a week. With two of the girls I live with and the lovely KP who I do not live with.

(I won’t be living with any of these people as of Thursday. Mixed feelings there, but I suspect that it’s not them, it’s me).

A week of Sun, Sea, Sand and all The Rest.

(don’t get me wrong though; a total of 4 alcoholic beverages were consumed by yours truly throughout the whole week. ‘The Rest’ is probably not what you think).

I’m still finding myself at a total loss as to what to write every time I sit down and try to write something, and I’m also still averse to being too negative up in here, so I’m afraid ^that’s all you get to know for now. Perhaps I’ll elaborate later.

I’m not really happy to be home (maybe because I’m not Home, yet); I liked being away from (most of) the stuff that was grinding me down.  So, although it’s all wrong,

(I did enjoy myself, don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, DON’T GET ME WRONG)

I just kinda want to run to the Middle of Somewhere (which to anyone else would be considered the middle of nowhere) and scream.

Instead, my plans for today are to buy shoes and maybe a dress to go with them – one that actually suits me, if such a thing exists – and pack up my life ready for the next stage. And go out, with everyone who’s still around, wearing said shoes and dress like they’re gonna save my life or something stupid.

Dieu: Je voudrais être quelqu’un d’autre, maintenant, s’il vous te plaît.



Yes, there’s blonde underneath this;

Specifically that shade which tends to be universally and charmingly referred to within literature as ‘dirty blonde’

(and is never the colour of the heroine’s hair. Exciting people can’t have  ‘flowing mousey brown locks’, can they? People with mousey brown/dirty blonde hair are the plain and homely loyal friends to the heroes/heroines, the ones who get walked all over or killed or are sad but nobody knows/cares all that much).

Anyway. All I can say is,

Sorr-yyy that I want my goldfishies to have plenty of swimming space in their new tank. *pout*

(‘swimming space’ = complete with demonstratory spacious swimming motions).


(…and I wonder why nobody ever seems to take me seriously. I will move mountains some day goddammit. Even if they are mountains made of plasticine or something).

Hanging out with my ma brings out the worst best in me sometimes.

Happy whatever-fricken’-day-it-even-is-now


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