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Jour Numero Huit:

What You Ate Today.

Hmm. This is a tough one. I didn’t eat anything vaguely exciting today. If I’d cooked something I could give you the recipe, and that would be a cool – and if anyone actually happened to be reading, useful – way to make some actual words for this post.

But I was at work for most of the day, so my food diary looks like this:

Breakfast – Two slices of toast with butter, cup of tea (milk, one sugar).

Lunch – Tuna-mayo and cucumber sandwich, (on granary bread) Chocolate cornflake cake, (spontaneously donated to me by a colleague; the same one who once offered to buy me a pair of wellies when I didn’t win them from the code on the back of my Ribena bottle, and the same one who is ridiculously cheerful all the time, and tells me to smile every time he walks past the deli counter) can of Dr. Pepper.

After-Work Snacks – Eton Mess yoghurt, (not nearly as good as it looked) ‘Vanilla Seeds’ from my Graze Box (better than they looked), Cup of tea.

Dinner – (made by Mummy) Sausages, Yorkshire puddings, mash, vegetables and gravy (lots of gravy). Proper Winter dinner ’cause it’s cold today.

…and that’s it so far.

Not very exciting, right?

Here is a (terrible quality – taken on my phone, from my bedroom window) picture of the tubby squirrel who visits our garden every day, and once even ventured into the house. Because it would be so easy, nobody is cruel enough to shoot him/her.

(Before y’all start bitching at me for even suggesting that such a cute fluffy innocent animal should be shot, bear in mind that grey squirrels are not native to the UK and have almost made red squirrels – which are native – extinct. They are officially classified as vermin, and you can get money for shooting them. They’re Wanted; Dead or… Not Alive. They also kill baby birds with their bare hands – I watched one do it once. I like baby birds).



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