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Tuesday’s Child

is enjoying her half-birthday. Reasons for smiles today include;

  • This being my second consecutive day off from work, and the first for a long time in which I have absolutely no obligations whatsoever towards other people. I am wholly free to do exactly as I like with this day.
  • I have so far spent the day cleaning the fish tank, tidying my room, cleaning my car, singing along to the pick ‘n’ mix of songs selected by various shuffle buttons and making plans for the rest of the day/year.
  • Tonight is choir night – which means more singing slightly too enthusiastically, and time with my sister. Before that, thanks to some decent weather  at last,  I plan to go out for a walk/bike ride with my camera.
  • Last night I spent some time chatting and catching up with three of my best friends from university. Despite my being irrationally nervous about the whole thing beforehand, it made me feel so much better about life than I had been feeling. Turns out I do need friends after all, who knew? ;)
  • For no apparent reason, as happens from time to time, I seem to have woken up with more energy and optimism than I’ve woken up with in a stupidly long time. Maybe that’s because the sun is shining on England for the first time in even longer, or maybe it’s me and maybe it will last – even if the sun doesn’t. I really, really hope so.

In short some invisible, small-but-disproportionately-heavy weights have been lifted from my shoulders. I actually feel like I might be capable of kicking some ass today and hereafter. Hopefully this won’t be just another cruelly transient hormone/brain chemical-based mood fluctuation.

If I get any good ones I’ll post the photos from my walk on here soon.

Wish me luck?




My Sister’s Logic;

(K, D and myself are sitting/lying in the garden, under the shade of a parasol… first properly sunny day of their school holidays).


D: Gah, why are there so many spiders?

Me: (quoting Family Guy) …there’s way too many spiders. Why are there so many spiders? The brochure said there would only be a few spiders. This is a terrible vacation.

– K and I begin to giggle, and can’t stop –

K: It’s true though, it’s harder to stop laughing when you’re laid on your back.

– more uncontrollable giggling –

K: But yeah, it’s annoying. That’s the only thing it (the parasol) doesn’t block out; spiders.

D: What? What so it blocks out everything but spiders?  It’s blocking out… me and you and the grass and the trees and the air…

K: Yeah. Everything around us, it’s all just spiders. Everything is spiders.

Me: So… We’re actually in a black hole right now? There’s nothing here at all, except us and the spiders? We’re not even here?

K: (giggling like a lunatic) …Spiders!



You probably had to be there.

Aren’t you gutted you weren’t?

; )


Guess Who’s Back

(back again,

Stephy’s back,

tell a friend…)

Yeah. Hi.

To start on a positive note and because it’s Fathers’ Day, I’ll begin with that bit about how I love my Daddy.

(Oh the 90s. I think he’s still got that jumper…)


Then I suppose I’d better mention that I went to Georgioupolis, Crete, for a week. With two of the girls I live with and the lovely KP who I do not live with.

(I won’t be living with any of these people as of Thursday. Mixed feelings there, but I suspect that it’s not them, it’s me).

A week of Sun, Sea, Sand and all The Rest.

(don’t get me wrong though; a total of 4 alcoholic beverages were consumed by yours truly throughout the whole week. ‘The Rest’ is probably not what you think).

I’m still finding myself at a total loss as to what to write every time I sit down and try to write something, and I’m also still averse to being too negative up in here, so I’m afraid ^that’s all you get to know for now. Perhaps I’ll elaborate later.

I’m not really happy to be home (maybe because I’m not Home, yet); I liked being away from (most of) the stuff that was grinding me down.  So, although it’s all wrong,

(I did enjoy myself, don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, DON’T GET ME WRONG)

I just kinda want to run to the Middle of Somewhere (which to anyone else would be considered the middle of nowhere) and scream.

Instead, my plans for today are to buy shoes and maybe a dress to go with them – one that actually suits me, if such a thing exists – and pack up my life ready for the next stage. And go out, with everyone who’s still around, wearing said shoes and dress like they’re gonna save my life or something stupid.

Dieu: Je voudrais être quelqu’un d’autre, maintenant, s’il vous te plaît.



Public Service Announcement:

(Whatever that even means).

I apologize for my absence over the past week; I have been busy metaphorically climbing metaphorical Everest, in the name of the last stage of my (metaphorical?) Higher Education.

I can see the top, but I’m not there yet; I’ll be back to normal blogging habits as of  Wednesday.

Meantime, because I don’t like the thought that visitors to my page have been forced to look at my moody trainwreck face for the past week (and because it’s gloriously sunny here at the moment),

Here is what I consider to be the most, er… all-round entertaining – immature giggle – Summer Song;




Real Life

keeps getting in the way.

my own little world

becoming shabby and neglected.

rotting, crumbling, flaking.

dust, rust, cobwebs, cracks,

and never enough time

to fix one thing.


(was that some kind of lame attempt at poetry, or were those just my thoughts?)


I’m listening to the kind of music my parents would always put on when I was little. It’s making me think of that beautiful grass-and-asphalt-drying smell after a short sharp shower on a Summer evening. Unexpectedly comforting.

So here is my favourite Roy Orbison:

He was one of Dad’s favourites, for a while. (Which may surprise you a little if you remember my mentioning this stuff before).

It was either him or ELO, but I think ELO already get enough attention. R.I.P. Roy.

Happy Friday, and warm fuzzies to y’all.


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